Electric conversion kits for Vespas

Conversion kits for exchanging the petrol engine. Accelaration and almost no noise. The benefits of an electric drive in the Vespa smallframe.

Now available!

Email us on info@mem-motors.de to discuss the specifications of your kit. We will prepare a suiting quotation for you.

Powerful accelaration and almost no noise

Power of up to 15 HP. For comparison: the original 50cc petrol engine has 1.8 HP.

Fits various Vespa models

For example V50 NLR, Spezial, 125 Primavera, 125 ET3, Motovespa T3. If you are not sure, if the kit fits into your Vespa, please contact us. We will be glad to check.

Two Versions

1.5 kW, 50 km/h, 70 km range
4 kW, 80 km/h, 45 km range

Range depends on the driving style and the terrain. We also achieved significantly longer rides in our tests with an energy saving driving style.

Convert a Vespa yourself

The kits are easy to install. Anybody with average experience can convert a Vespa himself.

Reliable and safe

High quality parts and numerous safety features. Precision milled and professionally welded rear swinging fork.

Custom shaped battery

72 V battery pack that efficiently uses the space underneath the seat. Capacity of up to 32 Ah, 2304 Wh. The battery is made from high quality single cells from Samsung or Molicel. Smart battery managment system with cell balancing, temperature monitoring, and safety switch off. It is not neccessary to cut into the frame of the Vepsa to fit in the battery!

Powerful 10 inch hub motor

10" Brushless hub motor with 5.5 HP or 15 HP available. Mulitple times the power of the original petrol engines.

Original look and no more shifting

The MEM conversion kit uses the original throttle handle. Additionally, the original clutch lever becomes the rear brake lever. The foot brake pedal becomes obsolete.

No plastic

MEM uses aluminum and stainless steel parts wherever possible. We think that plastic covers and plastic housings do not match the aesthetics of classic Vespas.

72 V System voltage

Superior torque and power, lower temperatures of the motor, and lower temperature of the battery compared to systems with less voltage.

Engineered and tested

More than two years of designing, testing and improving went into the MEM conversion kits.

Contactless key

There is a reader for a contactless key built in underneath the left side of the handlebars. Just tab the transponder to the reader and the scooter switches on.

New custom cable harness and head light

The MEM converison kit comes with a new custom cable harness and a new headlight. The 12 V system for the lights and the horn is completley insulated from the frame. The frame is no longer used as chassis ground. This increases the saftey against short circuits.

Automatic contactor

The kit uses a high quality contactor switch. The contactor guarantees that the battery plug is currentless during connecting and disconnecting. This means no sparks on the plug, no wear on the contacts.

Automatic stand switch

The stand switch cuts off the power to the motor when the scooter is put on the stand. No accidental launches from the stand possible.

State of the art Sabvoton controller

The kit features the latest controller generation for efficient management of the brushless 10" hub motor.

Powerful recuperation

When you take back the throttle and the Vepsa is gliding, it recuperates. Most importantly, a break switch is connected to the controller (hydraulic switch for the 4 kW kit, cable pulley switch for the 1.5 kW kit). As soon as you pull the breaks, the motor acts as a break and generates up to 30 A of elctricity pumping back into the battery.

Minimal modifications to the frame

The neccessary modifications to the frame were kept to a minimum. 1. The mounting of the choke lever needs to be bent up. 2. Two 8 mm holes need to be drilled for mounting the motor controller. The holes are not visible form the outside. The frame remains fully compatible with petrol engines.

Heavy duty plugs

High quality plugs and cable connections. All plugs can only be connected the right way. Where neccessary, they contain gaskets for sealing the plugs.

Road legal, TÜV certified

The MEM conversion kit is approved by the German TÜV. Please check your local laws and inspection requirements. In the European Union, each converted Vespa has to be inspected by the respective authorities. The kit comes with an example of a TÜV certificate.

Cable protection

All cables are routed safely. Where needed, they are protected by additional shrink tubing or ductwork.

Conversion service

We can gladly organize the conversion of a Vespa for you. Please contact us to discuss the options.

Buy a suiting Vespa for converting

MEM always has a small stock of suiting Vespas. We have a good network in the Vespa community and can also gladly look for specific models or restore Vespas according to your wishes.

Conversion kit for Vespa PK

Conversion kit for Vespa PK coming soon.

Conversion kit for Vespa PX

Conversion kit for Vespa PX coming soon.

Quality control

Components and kits are beeing tested on our dynamometer.

Experience and craftsmanship

MEM is founded on 25 years of experience in repairing, restoring, and converting Vespas.

MEM Motors GmbH


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